In Slab Duct

In Slab Duct

 In Slab Ducts 

An in-slab duct is a rectangular spiral seamed duct entrenched in high-rise buildings' structural concrete floors. The right slab duct and ventilation system has a 3-hour fire rating on all encased components. It must have also passed extensive testing to give trouble-free installation and service.

The primary use of in-slab ducts is to drain air from bathroom fans, hoods, and clothes dryers. However, you could usev5 to supply air.

Benefits of In Slab Ducts

In-slab ducts consist of a full range of terminations, couplers and fittings, although you could also fabricate custom fittings for specific applications.

When used in forced-air systems, slab ducts convey the heated or cooled air through the interior rooms. They are primarily located in attics or other unconditioned spaces in a property where temperatures are different from the air in the ducts. Temperature differences influence the temperature of the air that moves through the ducts. This reduces heating and air conditioning costs. In slab, ducts can be used in these unconditioned areas of a structure to manage space heating, reduce cooling energy costs and increase indoor comfort.

In tropical climates, an adequately installed in-slab duct insulation helps minimize moisture condensation on metal ducts. The amount of duct insulation depends on both the geographical location of the user and the physical location of the in-slab ducts.


Slab ducts and ventilation systems are used in various structures because of their reliability. They come in handy in these situations because of the flexibility of their design and layouts. The best ductwork manufacturers use automated manufacturing equipment in producing them because they guarantee quality and ease of installation.


The average HVAC slab duct is manufactured in 10-foot lengths. This significantly reduces labour costs and makes it easier for the fitters to do their jobs easily.


One other reason why in-slab ducts come in handy in building. It can be used because they eliminate the expensive use of dropped ceilings to conceal pipes and elbows used in older fabrication methods. Plus, they are durable and proven to resist deformation even in situations where they have to handle loads as heavy as 440 lbs. of aggregate.

In sum, in-slab ducts provide the following benefits:

  • Easy shipment;
  • Great storage
  • Stress-free on-site hoisting

Summarily, it’s vital to understand that in-slab, ducts can be the difference between increased heating and cooling costs and the overall comfort. The secret is that they have to be handled by professionals like us.

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