About prairie heating products 

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About Prairie Heating Products

Prairie Heating Products provides the best in-slab duct products for high-rise buildings in North America. We help engineers, home builders, high-rise developers, and more by providing not only quality slab duct products, but also world-class service, technical support, and information. Prairie Heating has installation experts available who can provide advice on the installation of Prairie Heating Products.

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To be the in-slab duct product leader in the HVAC industry and a household name across North America. We want our innovative and quality slab duct products to become the industry standard. From superior products to friendly tech support, we aim to be a hub for helping our customers build more effectively and efficiently.


At Prairie Heating, it’s all about being the best that we can be. We have a commitment to providing high quality standards at competitive prices, optimizing consistency and minimizing variance. With up-to-date machinery and experienced operators, we are constantly ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve with the best quality for the best price.

Why Choose Prairie Heating Products

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With hands-on experience with our own products, we’re always available to provide advice, ideas and information

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Have a big job? Let us handle the logistics for you! We can arrange, store, or stagger shipments to suit your needs

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With extra safe packaging, we’ve cut shipping damage by 25%. Get our products in fussfree, recyclable packaging!

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Slab Soffit Discharge Blue Print Design
Slab Soffit Discharge Blue Print Design
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