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      Slab Soffit Discharge Blue Print Design
      Slab Soffit Discharge Blue Print Design
      In-Slab Duct
      In-Slab Duct Aerial View

      In-Slab Duct is the choice for high-rise condos and buildings


      Prairie Heating Products In-Slab duct is used to exhaust air from bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers but can also be used for fresh air intake and supply air. 

      Our In-Slab Duct are rectangular spiral seamed duct that is made to be installed in the concrete slab floors of high-rise buildings. Built in runs and utilizing our additional slab duct products, once prepared, our slab duct products are easy to piece together for quick concrete pours and fast floor builds. 


      Made in Canada
      Manufactured in 10' lengths.
      3.5" wide reinforcing channel entire length of duct.
      Can be shipped loose or lifts of 1080' for easy hoisting onsite.
      Pressure Rating (-1 to +2 water gauge)

      All testing performed by Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd.
      Warnock Hersey and Hardy Associates Ltd.


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