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Your in floor heating boiler is a central part of your infrastructure. Don’t let your heating system fail due to a lack of maintenance. DHL Mechanical is a leader of boiler services, sales, and repair in Calgary.

Modern Heating

There are several ways to create heat in a building. These methods date back to the time of the Greeks. Central heating and forced air systems create enough heat to keep you comfortable in the winter months.

Central heaters are as ancient as the Romans.Furnaces bring efficiency while safely operating through electricity or gas. Boilers attach to furnaces which heat water to a boiling point before it is circulated throughout the home.

The heat generated in a central heating system comes from a single unit and is distributed throughout the home. Alternatively, homeowners may choose to use existing air within the home in a forced air system.

Central versus Forced Air

Choosing between a forced air and central air system can be difficult.  Forced air typically costs less to install than central air systems at $2000 on the high end compared with up to $10000.

While inexpensive, forced air systems are inconsistent and inefficient. They use air from within the home which can be extremely cold in a Canadian winter. In contrast, central heating systems have a reliable source of energy.

What is the right heating option for my home?

Choosing the right system for your needs means thinking about your home as well. Small and newer condominiums are more free to choose between options than larger and older single family homes.

The power of a boiler is ideal in larger and more drafty settings. Even in smaller dwellings and businesses, they can outperform a forced air system by design. The choice is still a matter of budget and comfort.

Using a Boiler

Boilers in a central heating system offer inexpensive heating with an upfront cost. Residential boiler installation costs between $5000 and $10000 to install. Still, they use less fuel to heat your home.

There are many additional benefits to using a boiler such as:

  • More consistent heating compared with furnaces
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better air quality

Boilers provide superior heat at low cost. This makes them an attractive option for many Canadians.

How long does a boiler heater last?

The typical boiler heater lasts twenty or more years when properly maintained. Obtaining the most from your system means properly maintaining your hardware.

Heating maintenance is no joke. Much can go wrong with equipment using natural gas, water, or electricity. Parts fail and volatile fuels combust. Keeping your system clean and in working condition is as much a matter of safety as efficiency.

Boiler Heater Installers and Repair Specialists in Alberta

Alberta in the winter is cold. Finding and keeping your heating systems in working order requires vigilance and knowledge. DHL Mechanical can help you install and maintain boiler heating units.

Obtain the power of efficient and powerful heating. Get in touch with our professionals today. Call us at 403-863-8246 or visit us online to find out more.

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