Artificial Grass Menifee

Artificial Grass Menifee

With over 24 years of experience, Pro Lawn is an expert at designing and installing custom synthetic putting greens, golf practice areas, and artificial lawn projects. Our unsurpassed technical expertise and passion for designing and installing artificial grass in Menifee make us the #1 choice for most homeowners and business owners.

Why Should I Get An Artificial Lawn?

Artificial lawns are growing popularly for their ease of maintenance and the look and feel they offer. They are flexible, highly durable, do not require water, sunlight, or nutrients.

It is cost-effective and keeps your backyard lush and green all around the year. You do not have to worry about mowing your lawn or calling a landscape gardener to fix the brown, patchy slope, uneven growth, or bald spots. Buy artificial grass from a leading and experienced business to enjoy the best quality products and exceptional customer service.

How Do I Choose The Best Quality Artificial Grass?

While it is not uncommon to get carried away with just the aesthetic appeal of artificial grass, you need to consider various other features of a synthetic turf before investing in it. Here's how to choose the best-quality artificial grass:

  1. Fiber Quality

Manufacturers use three different types of plastic to make artificial grass - polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon (polyamide). You want to buy artificial grass made out of nylon. Nylong-made grass is strong, more resilient, and are hard-wearing. As the best synthetic turf manufacturer in Menifee, we recommend clients opt for polyethylene grass for low traffic areas and nylon for frequently used spaces.

  1. Fire-Resistance

You want to invest in fire-resistant artificial grass that complies with European regulations. Also, some manufacturers may use harmful substances like lead in producing artificial grass. Make sure that you buy independently tested fake grass to prevent unpleasant scearios such as these.

  1. Grass Manufacturing

Manufacturing standards vary throughout the world. Make sure to buy your product from a major player in the industry instead of choosing one of the artificial grass installers nearby who can't vouch for their service quality.

Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

If you enjoy having a lawn space but do not have the time to invest in its maintenance, investing in artificial grass is your best bet at having a lush green yard on your property. It is worth the price because once you buy the product from one of the artificial grass installers, you do not have to pay a dime more for maintenance or mowing.

It is also pet-friendly and encompasses a 100% permeable ProFlow backing system. Regardless of your lawn's size or its location, you can install an artificial lawn and enjoy its lush green look and feel throughout the year.

You no longer have to search for fake grass that looks real. Call 855-508-2025 now to install artificial grass in Menifee by professional installers. Pro Lawn has been designing and selling synthetic turf amenities since 1998. We create the best performing turf products available in the market today with heat reduction technology and engineered fiber resilience. 

Artificial Grass Menifee

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